Newest Garden Visitors


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The newest visitors to our garden. This is one of a pair for hummers, that stops by several times a day.

Living with Chickens


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So last year we decided that raising chickens in our backyard would be a fun and educational experience. Little did we know that when the day rolled around and we found our first egg, how excited we would be!

We are so very proud of Chicken Lily who laid the first egg. We assume this, as it is a brown egg and Emma Chicken is an Easter Egger who will lay more colorful eggs, blues and greens maybe even pinks.

Chicken Lily is an Australorp, and from what I’ve read they have the best egg laying record to date. Most recent record for an Australorp is 364 eggs in 365 days! Check out Wiki for more info on the Australorp.

Neighborhood Scorpion Patrol


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Ever since Angel, the new cat, brought me a pissed off scorpion as a gift and dropped it on a dish rag in my kitchen, I’ve been a little more aware of these creatures. And it’s funny to think I’ve lived in Arizona for almost 7 years without even a sighting and then I almost dried my hands with one.

And this tops the squeaking mouse Spice delivered to the end of my bed, while I was sleeping in it. “Look what I brought you!” translation of funny, excited meow.

So now we head up the Scorpion Patrol for our neighborhood. Our nightly walk is now 2 or 3 of us with black lights in hand, searching for the mean little creepy crawlies. And they’re fast! Savanna is a pro and can find them with just an ordinary flash light. Turns out scorpions like block walls.

So, my Arizona friends, check your shoes before you put them on and if you have cats, check the dish towels!

A September Heat Wave


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With the temperatures hovering around 107 the garden is not always the best place to be. For me or my plants, but sometimes you just have to plant something. Call it my fix, but digging in the dirt just work for me. Something grounding about it.

And that impatient part of me just can’t wait. So I visited the local nursery and picked up a few celebrities of the non-famous variety. Planted them deep and watered to set the plants and cool myself off too.

I was visited by the big kid, and we talked about how being board can inspire you to think of a great new idea. And just before I was done Savanna joined me to make sure my plants were set well.

In a few weeks we’ll have access to scented geraniums that you can’t help but stir up so the aroma will wrap and momentarily transport you.


Labor Day 2010


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I’m curious, what did you labor on this Labor Day holiday weekend?

We painted my 12 yr old’s bedroom and mowed and weeded the lawn, front and back.

And to be really honest, I did do just a little ‘real’ work too… It’s hard not to, when you love what you do.

Does anybody really sit the entire day and do nothing? Maybe. But not me. “Do you have ants in your pants?” my mom would ask, a rhetorical question I’m sure. Just can’t sit still. And probably never will.

So tell me, what did you do, create or plant for Labor Day 2010?

– Tiffiny